Andy Couzens interview 27.10.14

Another exclusive on the site. Interview with guitarist with The High Andy Couzens. Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about your upbringing?
No working class hero here! Middle class English suburbia

What was the first music you got into?
Slade and Glam rock followed by Punk

What/who influenced you to start playing the guitar?
I couldn’t sing

Who were/are your guitar heroes?
Steve Jones/Roger McGuinn

You were in the patrol and stone roses before the high. We’re there any other bands you were in before the high formed?

The Waterfront/The Fireside Chaps/Buzzcocks FOC!!

Before the high formed did you have many of the High’s songs written? No

How did you meet the other members of The High?
I knew Chris from going out in town, Si is a mate of my brothers, John came via Choris. I didn’t know him before the band

How did the high come to be? We’re the songs all joint efforts or was there one main writer of the songs?
The songs were all bashed out in rehearsal and joint compositions all be it round riffs/chord progressions I introduced

Can you tell us how some of the High’s songs came about and what they are about?

Not in individually, see previous answer

How happy a time was it for you in the early days of the high?
They were good times

What’s your memories of being on the road? Any memorable stories to tell?
I can’t remember a great deal although John the dump springs to mind

You toured with Inspiral carpets. How was that tour? Did you know them before touring with them?
The tour was good fun. I’ve known Clint Boon for a long time

The elland road gig with the mondays. Can you tell us bait about that day? A good day, from memory The La’s played too

What was it like recording somewhere soon? You recorded it at the manor didn’t you?
Recording was always my favourite but and the Manor was fantastic. I could’ve moved in

Did you have all the songs for somewhere soon rewritten before you went into the studio?
No, we winged it abit

What was it like working with Martin Hannett? You worked with him in the roses before the high didn’t you?
I had worked with Martin before and found him very inspirational in the studio

What happened with Hype and the musical change?
I lost the plot and no one else had one

What were the musical influences behind the sound of the hype tunes?
I don’t know

Some of the demos for hype have a similar sound to somewhere soon. Why did the sound become heavier?
I don’t know

Did you gig hype?
Yes we did

Was there any tension on the road at this time between the band?
Not that I recall

Was the breaking up of the band amicable?
Yes I think so!!

Did you form any further bands after this band?
Yes but I had still not found the plot again. I last hugged about 3 years ago, we supported The Fall

Have you kept up playing the guitar? Yes

What music are you listening to at present?
Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal

I have to ask you about the proposed reunion of The High. Are you up for the gig?

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