Jack Couzens interview 6.5.15

Continuing with the new members of THE HIGH here’s another exclusive interview this time with the multitalented drummer Jack Couzens

Hi Jack, how are you?

Hello Matt, I’m good thank you.

Tell us a bit about your upbringing?

I’ve lived in Stockport all my life. I don’t think my upbringing is finished just yet.

Tell us how you first got into music?

When I was about 6 or 7 my dad put a Ramones cd on in the car, I recognized Blitzkrieg Bop from a game I had on my playstation and I liked it. So he gave me a walkman, some headphones and that cd to listen to. Then I found Nirvana, the Dead Kennedys and The Clash and it started from there really.

What made you start playing the drums?

All my mates in school started learning the guitar, nobody was really playing drums so I thought I’d take them up instead. Drum lessons were on friday mornings so I got to skip assembly aswell.

Who are your drumming heroes?

I love Atom Willard, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon and Animal from the Muppets.

Do you play any other instruments?

I do. I play guitar, I can just about work my way around a piano and I sing aswell.


Have you been in any other bands prior to The High?

Yes. I played guitar and sang in a band with my friends from school but we stopped doing that a while ago, I play drums in a band with my cousin and I write my own stuff aswell.

Of late you have been involved in the reformation of The High. How did that all come about?

My dad told me they had been asked to do it a while ago but he didn’t mention it after that. Then around new year he said they were thinking of doing it but Chris might not be involved and he asked if I would be up for it. I started learning the songs just in case then before I knew it we were in the rehearsal room playing Box Set Go and it sounded great!

How have rehearsals been for you?

I’ve enjoyed them. It was brilliant when Richard came in on keys, he added a whole new dimension to the sound.

Listening to the rehearsals you’re adding your own character to the well known The High tunes, which sound great. Is the playing all your own ideas?

I mainly stick to the original groove but I’ll probably put my own fills here and there without thinking about it, I try not to over do it though, I like to just sit back and hold the the beat down.

What’s your first memory of hearing The High songs?

I used to listen to Somewhere Soon when I went out skateboarding, the two seemed to fit together quite well.

What are your fav tracks of The High?

Box Set Go, Joustabout, P.W.A and More… are fun to play live also.


Did you enjoy the comeback gig at York? Any personal highlights for you?

I did, it was good to finally play for an audience after rehearsing for so long.

When we arrived the venue had given us some drinks, crisps and some fruit. John picks up the grapes and goes “I know this isn’t very rock’n’roll but I’m just going to wash the grapes before we eat them.” Brilliant. It’s also very satifying to hear a cheer when you start playing a song haha.

Are you looking forward to Gigantic?

I can’t wait! I’ve seen some of my favourite bands play that venue so it should be cool getting to play it myself.

Are there any other bands you’re looking forward to seeing?

Honestly the only bands on the bill I know are Inspirals and Echo and the Bunnymen and I think we clash with them. I’m sure I’ll have a wander and find a cool band though.

What other bands are you into at present?

Queens Of The Stone Age, Tame Impala, Elliott Smith, anything Jack White related, Neil Young, Bowie, T.Rex, Sufjan Stevens, Temples, Man Made and Blossoms.

If THE HIGH continue to tour after gigantic will you stay with the band?

I think so, I’ve really enjoyed it all so far. I just want to do some more gigs.

What are you’re future plans with your own music? Is there anywhere fans can keep track of what you’re doing?

I’ve literally just booked a day in the studio next week to record a new song. I’ve got a couple of songs on soundcloud at soundcloud.com/jacksoncouzens
I just need a band to play them with, hopefully I’ll meet some people while I’m playing with The High.


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