Review of Gigantic 23rd May 2015

Those who were at Gigantic on Saturday night would’ve witnessed the magic that is THE HIGH live on stage. Here’s my quick review of the day.

The band were all in very good spirits from the off! The soundcheck lasted for about 30 minutes, starting at 1400. Tracks that were in the soundcheck were:

This Is My World, Box Set Go & So I Can See

Pics from the Soundcheck



After the soundcheck it felt like a very long wait until their stage time at 2200. Grape washing was a highlight of this waiting period.

THE HIGH hit the stage to a blistering version of Four Thirty, b side to More…, Andy revelling in the space on stage to rip into the riffs, Tony standing cool rumbling the bass lines, Jack keeping rhythm on the kit, Richard standing easy ready to hit the melodies.


With John then joining for Take Your Time THE HIGH hit the high notes, grooving through their set with ease. Box Set Go getting a big cheer for this well known loved piece of blissful pop.

John’s vocals hit all the right notes all the way through the gig. Ian Brown was once heralded as sounding like an angel when he sang, John’s vocals on Saturday were of a greater force of nature, hitting the all the notes with casual ease, sounding more like a classier and clearer version of the monkey man. 

Other highlights of the set were Hype period tunes Joustabout, The Healer and Keep On Kummin, the latter you can catch a taste of via Soundcloud. The Hype period songs in the set list need to have greater exposure, sounding more and more like long lost classics.

As the set wound to an end we were treated to the mesmurising Bombay Mix, the band going into the sonic stratosphere with the extended version of this live masterpiece. When the band came back on for an encore Somewhere Soon was a fitting end, maybe hinting we will see the band live again somewhere soon!?

The crowd who did make it to this gig were treated to one of England’s greatest under rated bands, hitting all the right notes on a unforgettable night. Those who weren’t there, see you…somewhere soon…


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