Jun 6 2015

Oldham Chronicle Gigantic Review and Band Interview

THE HIGH fan Simon Smedley has been covering THE HIGH’s reformation since interviewing John Matthews a few months before Gigantic. I had the pleasure of meeting ┬áSimon after the momentous show at Academy 2 at Gigantic. Here we have Simons superb article from this weeks Oldham Chronicle. Brilliant work Simon..!!


Apr 16 2014

Melody Maker Interview Sept 1990 by Paul Lester, pics by Tom Sheehan

IMG_7425 IMG_7456e

Apr 16 2014

Various Pictures

IMG_7537 IMG_7535 IMG_7532 IMG_7433 IMG_7424 IMG_7423 IMG_7416 IMG_7415 IMG_7389 IMG_7387 IMG_7492 IMG_7382

Apr 16 2014

NME Interview January 1991 by Simon Dudfield, pics by Peter Walsh


Apr 16 2014

Somewhere Soon, Up & Down and Take Your Time Reviews

IMG_7372 IMG_7373 IMG_7374e